UBA which stands for United bank for Africa is a leading pan-African financial services group headquartered in Nigeria. It is one of Africa’s best and most resilient banking Groups with operations in 20 African countries and offices in three global financial centers: London, Paris and New York.

In this era of technology innovations, day to day activities are now been assisted by our devices. The mobile phone which is the closest thing next to you has made things easier for us. We can now order from online as well as relieve the stress of cuing up in the bank just to make a transaction. Banks now help simplify transactions by initiating a simple command code to make banking enjoyable.

Some call this code Transfer Code For UBAUBA Transfer CodeUBA Mobile BankingUBA Bank transfer Code or even UBA Code but the proper name is UBA USSD Code. If you have a UBA account then you can use this service called “Magic Banking” by UBA. What can you do with this USSD code, though most people call it UBA Transfer Code, which means what most people use it for is to transfer money from one UBA account to another UBA account or from a UBA account to other Nigeria bank accounts.

The UBA Mobile Banking code is actually capable of carrying out more functions as listed here: Opening of UBA bank account (according to UBA press release), Transfer funds to UBA and other banks, buy airtime, pay bills and access your bank statement (check your account balance). 

How to open a UBA account with UBA Mobile Banking Code *919#

To open a new UBA account with your phone simply Dial *919#, then follow the instruction you see, after this your account number will be sent to the phone number you used to dial the code. Visit a UBA branch to have your BVN linked to this new account so that you upgrade the account limit. For example this mobile account can only deposit a maximum of N20,000 and the maximum account balance is N200,000 but all these can be upgraded when you visit their branch. Dial *919# now to open a UBA account on your phone right from the comfort of your home.Advertisements

How to transfer money using the UBA Transfer Code

To transfer funds/money with UBA Transfer Code, do the following: To transfer money from your UBA account to another UBA account number dial *919*3# on the phone number you registered with your account at UBA, followed by the account number and amount, that is *919*3*account number*amount#, the account number you’re to enter is not your own account number but the account number you want to send the money to. Don’t forget, *919*3*account number*amount# i.e.: *919*1234512345*1000# 

If you want to transfer to another bank from UBA account simply do the this: dial *919*4*Account number*amount# on the phone you registered with your UBA account, remember the account number you are to enter in the code is not your own account number but the account number you want to sent the money to: *919*4*account number*amount# i.e *919*4*1234512345*2000#

How to buy airtime with UBA code

If you have a UBA account number, there is certainly no reason to be out of airtime except if you don’t have money in your UBA account number, the reason is you can simply recharge your phone and even the phone of your family and friends using the UBA Mobile Banking Code. Follow the following instruction to recharge your phone with UBA Code.

To Recharge your phone (that is the phone you registered with your UBA account) dial *919*amount# on the phone and you’ll instantly recharged with the amount. Example: *919*200# to recharge yourself with N200 airtime.

To recharge another phone number, maybe that of your family members or friends simply dial *919*phone number*amount# on your phone. Example: *919*08023451234*200# this will automatically recharge the phone you entered with N200.

How to pay bills with UBA USSD Code

You can pay bills like GoTV, DSTV, etc directly from your mobile phone with the UBA Mobile Banking, to pay any bill simply dial *919*5# on the phone number you registered with your UBA account number, then follow the instruction you see.

How to check your account balance with UBA Mobile Banking Code

Very simple, the time of going to the ATM or even your bank branch simply to check your account balance is over, if you have a UBA account, you can check your balance with the UBA Mobile Baking Code. Dial *919*00# on the phone number you registered with your UBA account and you’ll have your account balance immediately.

How to change your UBA Mobile Banking PIN

If you forget your UBA Mobile Banking PIN, you can change it by simply dialing *919#, then select PIN Setup in the options displayed to change your PIN

UBA transfer code (at a glance)

Transaction Type                       UBA Mobile Banking Code 

Check Balance                           *919*00#

Top-Up for Self                          *919*Amount#

Top-Up for others                      *919*Phone number*Amount#

Transfer to UBA Account         *919*3*Account number*amount#

Load UBA Prepaid Card          *919*32#

Transfer to other Banks            *919*4*Account Number*Amount#

Pay bills                                      *919*5#

ATM Cardless withdrawal         *919*30*Amount#

For more info: Please 24/7 Customer Fulfillment Center [email protected]) or 234-700 2255-822


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