Currently, there are about 2.6 billion users registered on Facebook, which is the lion’s share of circa 3.8 billion users on social media.  What’s also interesting is the total number of social media users is 85% of all internet users.  Facebook alone accounts for 58% of all internet users.

However, some businesses don’t realize that Facebook is also one of the largest social media advertising platforms. If optimized wisely, Facebook ads can do wonders for your business. If you’re not leveraging the benefits of Facebook advertising yet, you’re surely missing out on many business opportunities.

On this note, if you’re looking into marketing for your business on social media and you don’t know where to start, Facebook is your best bet. There are so many pros to Facebook marketing, and unless you want to buy one of their booster packages, it’s totally free! 

Don’t look at it as if you’re pouring money into a billion-dollar company you’ll never see again.

Of a truth, a whole lot of entrepreneurs resist the thoughts of Facebook ads. Especially now that Facebook seems to offer less reach to articles-placed messages lately. Its page gets less coverage, according to some entrepreneurs, and Facebook needs you to spend money.

My advice is, don’t look at it as if you’re pouring money into a billion-dollar company you’ll never see again. You’ll certainly win back the money you invested with a well-drafted Facebook ad! And I have other arguments to clarify why and how the advantages of doing Facebook advertising will ensure that you can set your resistance a bit aside after reading this article and still get started on Facebook ads!

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Provides Advanced Targeting Tools

One of the major advantages of Facebook advertising is its wide range of targeting and re-targeting options that allow you to reach your prospective customers. Facebook allows you to advertise to an audience based on location, age, behavior, and interests. Therefore, your ads are shown to people who have the potential to buy your product or service.

Facebook gives adequate flexibility when it comes to creating ads, which are so customizable that you can create advertisements that best reflect your business. The platform allows you to choose the type of ad, target audience, and budget.

Additionally, you can customize your ad campaign according to your marketing goals, whether you want to grow your page likes, website clicks, or improve post engagement. Facebook has even been used for political campaigns, due to its precise targeting. Candidates run Facebook political ads to influence targeted voters.

Facebook Provides Free Analytics

Facebook gives you comprehensive reports and analytics on the performance of your ad campaigns. The reports are updated in real time, so you can immediately see what is and isn’t working as soon as your campaigns run. You can view your social metrics and conversion rates within Ads Manager. You will see numbers on page likes, post engagement, weekly reach, performance, and more. When you have access to such data, you can easily adjust your Facebook ads based on what’s required.

Facebook offers you so much flexibility when it comes to tracking the progress of ad campaigns. Since you can track and measure even small details, you can better plan your strategies. If desired, you can also pair your Facebook analytics with a variety of social media analytics tools that give you an accurate picture of how your brand is performing on a day to day basis. Since a lot of Facebook campaigns are to create brand awareness, these analytics tools can help you track the impact of your ads on your brand visibility.

Direct Traffic to Your Website

While marketing on Facebook is important, you should also still have a website for people to turn to. On your website, you can offer much more information that’s easy to find and access. Depending on how you market on Facebook, it can be difficult for users to find all the information. Whenever you market anything, make sure you direct them back to your website. This will also help you with marketing SEO and landing higher on the Google Results page.

Easy Communication With Customers

Facebook has a built-in messenger, hence, it’s easy to interact and engage with your customers. This is a great way to make your customers feel like they’ve been heard, which could boost your sales. If you create a page or a group, this also sets up an opportunity for people to post reviews, suggestions, or opinions on your post. You also have the option to reply to them.

This interaction with your followers can resolve many problems, for them and also for your business. You can ask questions of your followers to check in with them and get a deeper insight into what they like about your brand and where they see room for improvement. It also shows potential customers that you care about your audience and want to cater to them.

Facebook Offers Custom Calls to Action

Another great advantage of Facebook advertising is its custom call-to-actions (CTAs) that can help you improve your conversion rates. A call-to-action button enables you to give your potential customer explicit instructions on what exactly you want them to do, such as signing up for a subscription, watching a video, or using an app.

CTAs certainly make a big difference in the performance of your ads. According to a report by Ad Roll, adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase CTR rates by up to 285%. Facebook currently offers the following CTAs: book now, contact us, sign up, download, learn more, use apps, watch video.

Educate New Customers

Even after converting a customer, Facebook has benefits to your funnel. It’s a powerful tool for support and retention, one you can use as a service channel customers won’t hate visiting as much as they do a help desk tool. You can create organic content focused on educating current customers, as the You Need a Budget finance app does with their video content.

This takes a proactive approach to customer service, addressing common customer questions to educate and empower them. Customers new and old know that they can visit the brand’s Facebook page for tutorials and answers to their questions about the app.

Facebook advertising can help you build your email list.

Finally, Facebook advertising can fuel your email marketing efforts. You can utilize Facebook’s “lead ad” forms to capture email contacts through Facebook ads. You can also direct traffic to an external form on your website to build your email list.

In conclusion, Facebook advertising has become a popular method for businesses to grow their brand awareness, sales, and leads. The list of Facebook advertising benefits are numerous. However, you can leverage Facebook ads to the fullest only when you know how to run your ad campaigns correctly.

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