Do you have the desire of having a job which allows you see the world? If your answer to these questions is YES, then been a Flight Attendant or once called Stewardesses is your gateway. However, being a Flight attendant is more than just serving drinks in the air.

This particular line of work has in most cases been attributed to ladies but the world is changing so is its system, even men now work as a flight attendant, however, it is minimal which is understandable due to the tender nature which will be utilized on the job.

A flight attendant’s job is mainly concerned with the safety of airline passengers and crew. He or she responds to any emergencies that occur on the aircraft and makes sure everyone follows regulations.

Being a Flight attendant comes with requirement just like any other job, however, this line of work requires both physical, psychological, behavioral and educational qualifications.

Qualifications for Flight Attendant.

Behavioural Requirement

Being an airline flight attendant comes with certain personal demands that must be met.

 Must be Jovial. Been jovial means being friendly, we all have different traits and temperaments which explain why we all behave the way we do. However, a Flight attendant must be friendly, someone that can always wear a smile on his/her face to bring a smile to others.  The ability to stay calm and collected even in the face of danger. This requirement is very important and must be possessed to be well qualified.

Customer Care. The primary role of a flight attendant is to provide excellent customer service, because, at times, they may deal with passengers who are drunk or display disruptive behavior. How the situation is handled shows the level at which you can relate to passengers and control situations.

Physical Requirement

Each airline has different physical requirements, however, these are basic requirements:

  • Height range. Most airlines require their hostess to be between 5’0” – 5’ 1” and 5’8” – 6’3”. However, this is not applicable to all airlines as some do not have height requirements.
  • Age. No organization wants an under age as a worker, the same thing is applicable to this line of work. The minimum age required for a flight attendant is ranged between 18-21 years old depending on the airline, however, there is no maximum age as long as every medical requirement is passed.

Educational Requirement

Communication is important for every working environment and a prominent requirement and necessity for every flight attendant.

To achieve your dream of being a hostess you need education, of cos, not all airline requires a Degree but the minimum education requirement for a hostess is O’level, however, these airlines do look favorably upon people who have a  degree. Some airline, on the other hand, requires a Degree and favorably additional certification from aviation training schools which only take a maximum of one year. some airline has their own aviation training schools however, this is not a requirement for applying to airlines as there will be a training if you’re hired as a flight attendant by the airline.

Duties of Flight Attendants

Flight attendants typically do the following:

  • Participate in pre-flight briefings with the pilots, to discuss cabin conditions and flight details
  • Conduct pre-flight inspections of emergency equipment
  • Demonstrate the use of safety equipment and emergency equipment
  • Ensure that passengers have their seatbelts fastened when required and that all other safety requirements are observed
  • Serve and sell beverages, meals, or snacks
  • Take care of passengers’ needs, particularly those with special needs
  • Reassure passengers during the flight, such as when the aircraft hit turbulence
  • Administer and coordinate emergency medical care, as needed
  • Provide direction to passengers, including how to evacuate the aircraft in an emergency

Salary Package

Every airline has their own salary package, however, the average salary earned by a cabin crew member/ flight attendant is 100,000 depending on the airline. In addition to this, some flight attendants receive an allowance for meals and accommodations while working away from home. Although attendants are required to purchase an initial set of uniforms and luggage, the airlines usually pay for replacements and upkeep but all this allowance depends on the airline.


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