Is Success really for Everyone?

This is a question that roams the heart of every ambitious man at a particular time in life.

As far as finding an answer to this question is concerned I will say what exactly is a success. Success to each person comes with a different meaning depending on your stated goals.

If success to you is the fame, respect, money, recognition and other stuff like that,  then you are relating success with standing out from the crowd. In this perspective, not everyone is successful, that’s true. The reason is that not everyone takes the pain to do something, which will make him stand out.

Being successful has little to do with the amount of money you make. Being successful is having the ability to wake up each morning, and do exactly whatever, you planned for the day and enjoy doing it.

Yes, everybody can be successful, but only those who do the EXTRAORDINARY will be successful. And what is the extraordinary? well, this depends on your definition of success.

The most successful people in the world aren’t smarter or more talented than you are, but they do have the ability to think outside the box or realize that the box doesn’t even exist.

So You want to be successful, then start doing something different. Be known for what you do, I mean what you like doing and not something you have to do to sustain yourself and keep life going.

Every successful man is a problem solver, a solution finder, cos to enjoy what you do is simple, but how do you know that when you have a lot of things that keep you sane and going, it is easy to believe you enjoy what you are presently doing, since you spend most of your time doing it without stress that, but, I tell you the fact that you are doing something for so long does not gaurantee you actually enjoy it, so you have to find what is the thing you actually love doing.

Are you still in the same location where you tried been successful so many time to no avail? then try changing your location for a start.

Like it or not, negative people or surroundings are going to hold you back. What’s worse is that sometimes these are the people that we are closest to in life.

However, put yourself in the right environment, or around the right people, and you can literally explode your success.

So, as a matter of fact, success is for everyone but not achievable by all, it is only possible for the ones that deserve it.

Note that Success doesn’t happen to you; you make it happen and there is no such thing as an “overnight success.”

So It’s left to you to answer the question if success is really for everyone.

If yes then it’s your time to make a difference, so make good use of it. Start now quiet procrastinating.


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