If you’ve always wanted to be an online entrepreneur or start your own online business, it’s very important you come to the knowledge of the best online business you can venture in with no or low capital

In this article, we will show you some of the proven and easy ways to start your own online business that actually makes money, the best online business you can start without spending much and how you can promote it for visibility.

It is quite easy to start an online business but deciding on which online business to venture into can be challenging. Of course there are different online business but listed below are five (5) Profitable online business you can start.

5 Best Online Business You Can Start

Content Writing

content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content. It can include writing blog posts, web posts, articles, advertising and sales copy, journalism and PR writing, creative writing, scripts for videos as well as content for specific social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Research has shown that there is a huge demand for content in the virtual world right now. So, if you have experience or skills relating to writing, offering a blog posting service could be for you.

Web Development

In this digital era, many organizations are now looking for different means to build a website. In fact, even those companies that have a website, are looking to make sure their website looks better than their competitor’s, hence developers are always in demand. You can learn how to earn money from home with practically no investment and this is certainly one of the best business ideas for someone wanting huge amounts of flexibility. Apart from web development, you can as well manage an organization’s website on a daily basis. That alone can establish you and as well provide job opportunity for you.

Social Media Management

The social media is an important part of any online business. You see, most business owners simply don’t have the time to be involved with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other sites, in a proactive way. That is a problem you need to solve for them as a social media manager. If you can engage clients and build up attractive social media profiles, then you will be able to attract clients, which makes this a service with value.

As a social media manager, your professional job would be marketing, advertising, and management. You would have to help your employee achieve his or her goals for social media exposure. This is one job you can do with your laptop or smartphone at home.

Graphics Designing

This is often called communication design because it has to do with problem solving with the aid of typography, photography and illustration. Fortunately enough, many apps like canvas, logo maker, pics art and many more have been designed with enough templates to help you design logos, flyers, labels, etc. And the good news is, these apps are mobile free. That is, you can use them on your smartphones with ease. So, you don’t necessarily have to go to design school in order to be a graphic designer. Right now, many businesses could use the skills of a great graphics designer, and since so much of the job is digital, there are jobs available for you. As you gain skills and experience, you become more marketable as a designer and can find more job opportunities.

App Development

There are companies that recently became big for mobile app development since the future is focusing in that direction. Because of this, plenty of companies are looking and focusing on this area so they can remain relevant in the new world. So, if you have a decent coding knowledge and you are passionate about UX (user experience design) and UI ( user interface design) , starting a business like this one could be a home run. All you need is your laptop, and data internet connection.

Teach Online Courses

If you have a skill of any sort, you can make money teaching it online. You could be a great writer, or know how to draw or paint, whatever your skill is, you can be a good teacher and earn from it. You might be a powerful public speaker, know how to do a narrator voice, or be a great parent. All you have to do is to find your audience and get them attracted to you and get paid.

Above all, the questions you need to ask yourself are: What are my interests and my skills? What is that something you’re passionate about and really good at? Do I think there are other people out there who would be interested in learning my skill or knowledge? If you’re able to successfully find positive answers to these questions, then you’re a potential online teacher with cool cash.

Having highlighted and discussed the best online business you can start, let’s take a closer look at online business with low capital rates.

Online Business With Low Capital Rates

Write and Launch Your Own Book: speaking from experience, writing a book that’s centered around the current trends and the needs of the people is one of the quickest ways to earn money online. The weird thing is that you don’t need a Masters in English or journalism before you write.

A book is just another type of digital product. It can either be a soft or hard copy. If you have the money, you can print. But if you don’t, you can definitely do with the soft copy — PDF. In fact, most people prefer soft copies these days because they are always with their phone. It would therefore be easier for them to reach anytime, anywhere.

As a writer, you can either be a ghost writer or a freelancer. What you do need to get clients are samples of your previous writing work. And that means you’ll need to create some if you don’t have any. Easy, right? Yeah!

Drop-shipping business: this is a lucrative business in Nigeria. It is a form of business that you can start with a very low capital. What you need is your laptop or smartphone, internet data, and your social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. which will serve as your shop. The secret of the business is identifying and understanding the needs of people at the particular moment and giving them just that. As long as you’re diligent and committed enough to this business, as time goes on, you could own an e-commerce website and expand the business.

Having discussed the best online business with no and low capital rates, it’s important we discuss how to promote these businesses online.

How to Promote Online Business

Below are the few ways to promote your business online that won’t cost you a dime

Embrace the Use of Social Media: Social media isn’t just a tool to gain exposure — it has now become a necessary place for every business to thrive. You can tie in ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a direct channel with your customers on Twitter and Instagram. Networking on LinkedIn — both at the personal and company level — can be another way to help your startup. With the aid of social media, you can promote your business on different social media groups like WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, and many more. With all kinds of opportunities out there on the Web — you just need to know where to look.

SEO Your Company’s Website: should you have a website, it is important to know that search engine optimization cannot be underestimated in the world of Googling. There are many PDFs, and free courses guide on SEO. The gist is that, ensure your website and business name can be found on the web. 

In conclusion, you now have the above article in your arsenal to start your own online business and how to promote it for a smooth ride. Stop Procrastinating, Start Now!

I look forward to hearing your success story.

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