Google AdSense is one of the most popular, consistent and reliable ways to make money online. However, eneabling Google ads on your website or blog can be a little tough if the right procedure is not followed. There are some things you must do to ensure that your application is accepted.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is an advertising platform that helps website owners earn money from their websites by displaying contextually relevant ads. AdSense is free, thus, offering you a simple way to earn money by displaying ads next to your online content without paying. Google pays you for the ads displayed on your site based on user clicks on ads or on ad impressions, depending on the type of ad. The ads could be in form of text, images or videos.

How does Google AdSense work?

Google Adsense works based on CPC Cost Per Click and revenue sharing basis. This means, if you own a blog and signup for Adsense, each time a site visitor loads any of your pages, Google will display targeted ads on your page that are either relevant to the content of your website or to users’ previous searches, based on its proprietary algorithms.

Once your visitors click on those ads you get paid for it. Therefore, all you need to do is to provide as many clicks to those ads as possible by uploading relevant content that draws traffic to your website. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary.

How to Create Google Adsense Account

Step 1 – Create an Account with Google AdSense

The first step to signing up for Google AdSense is to create a Gmail account if you don’t have one, or make use of your existing one which must be active and functional. Your AdSense account is associated with a Google Account like the one you use to login to Gmail, youtube, etc.

Step 2: – Create valuable content on your site

The second step towards making money from Google AdSense is to create a blog or website. AdSense is all about making money from ads (advertisements). You will need a place that you can display these advertisements (ads). In addition, your website or blog must have a high quality and original content. Make sure your website has a well-designed theme and very easy to navigate in order to boost your chances of been approved. In addition, the website needs to be at least 6 months old, to qualify for Google Adsense.

Step 3 – Submit Your Application Online

After your account and website have been set up you can then submit your application. In the form, there will be columns where important information like your website URL, individual or business name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and other necessary information is to be provided. This form is quick and easy as you only need to fill your site details and content language.

Step 4 – Wait For Approval

After you have made your submission, it usually takes 24 to 48 hours for Google to review and approve your application. During this step and until you are fully approved, AdSense ads are not shown to your website until your application is accepted before ads start to show and you will get paid for the clicks.

Once you have been approved, you will receive a welcome email and will be able to place ads on your blog or website and make money. After registering to get Adsense approval, creating your ad units, and getting ads served on your blog/site, here are few tips for even more success.

You might notice that some of the options in your new AdSense account are grayed out. That’s because there are a few tasks that you need to complete before we can fully activate your account. 

How to Activate Your Google AdSense Account

After you create your AdSense account, you need to activate it so you can show ads on your site and earn money. Log into your your AdSense homepage to access the list of tasks to complete before your account can activated. This includes:

Connect Your Site to AdSense

In order to connect your website to Adsense, you need to Sign in to your AdSense account where you will be asked to add a code to your  AdSense homepage.

Adding AdSense Code to your blog or website is very easy though, it seems hard especially for beginners. You can use widgets, place the code directly on your website, by pasting the code into the HTML of your page, between the <head> and </head> tags or use a plugin.

Note that before adding the ad code to your page, make sure that your page complies with the AdSense Program Policies. If your page doesn’t comply with these policies, Google will disable ad serving to your site and/or disable your AdSense account at any time.

Enter Your Payment Address in AdSense

You will be asked to enter your payment address details to approve your account. Presently, Google has introduced an update which makes it impossible to add your payment details if you haven’t reached $100 (approximately ₦38,000) threshold.

Google pays through direct deposit or checks each month your earnings reach or exceed $100. If you don’t earn $100 in one month, your earnings roll over and are added to the next month. Each time you reach the $100 threshold, Google will issue a payment on the next payment period. Through your AdSense account, you can see your current earnings, what ads are generating the most clicks, and other helpful data.

Please note that before receiving any money from Adsense, Google will verify your phone number by sending verification code to make sure that your information is accurate and up-to-date. If you’ve previously verified a phone number for Google maybe through Gmail and other platforms, you’ll see your verified phone number listed in the “Phone number” field. You can choose to use this phone number for AdSense and skip the rest of the phone verification process.

If not a code will be send to the number you provide. You can choose whether you’d like to receive your verification code by text message or voice call. Once received, enter the 6-digit verification code that we sent you and click Submit.

Furthermore, make sure to use the same name under which you have a bank account, as AdSense will be sending you checks or EFT payment under that name.

How to Make Money With Google AdSense in Nigeria

Finally, you have your AdSense approved and ads are now being placed on your website/blog or YouTube. Hence, you need to strategize on how to increase traffic to maximize your earning through Google AdSense. Below are some tips on how to increase your AdSense earnings.

Create Original Content For Your Site 

Creating valuable content to your blog or website helps bring quality traffic to your ads pages, thus increasing the chance of getting more clicks and views. It is good to have a beautiful website, responsive, easy to navigate, and more, but, it doesn’t make sense if nobody comes to your website or blog.

Therefore, if you want to make money with AdSense you should have large volumes of traffic. This will require a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content regularly. Remember, Adsense is not meant for the lazy. You have to make sure that the topic you choose for your blog, or website is something that people will be interested in and, therefore, something they will search for. Producing unique and relevant content on a regular basis make Google aware that your website is being updated constantly with fresh information.

Find Right Keywords

 To boost your Google AdSense earnings, you need to build your content around high-ranking keywords. With the help of keyword tools like Google’s free AdWords Keyword Planner tool, you can see if a topic you are thinking about is popular amongst Google search users.

Knowing which keywords have strong search volume, prediction of increased search queries, a high AdSense CPC, and low competition, gives you major advantages to know which keyword to target in order to increase traffic. Also make sure the keywords are use appropriately.

Mobile Responsiveness

 The number of people who use mobile devices is high. A responsive website changes the layout to offer an experience based on the size of the screen of the device being used. A mobile responsive website includes design elements such as Readable text without requiring zoom. Adequate space for tap targets. Also, make sure you’re using responsive ads so Google can send appropriate ad sizes to mobile devices viewing your site.

 Promoting Your Site

 By promoting your site, there are different social media platforms from which you can draw your traffic. You will help your site gain social media shares, and engage in discussion. It also helps gather valuable backlinks which is enhance your website visibility on search engines. You can also make use of Google Adword to create ads for your website and choose when your ads will appear. For example, you can choose to have your ads display above Google search results.

Ads Placement

There are different types of ad and ad placement, hence you need to optimize the best for your site to enhance clicks.  You’re allowed three standard ad placements per page, and, it is good to use them all for maximum benefit, however, wrong placement and excess display of ad will discourage people. The best way to place your ad is by blending your ads in between the post. This practice will definitely increase your CTR & overall AdSense revenue.

Monitor your results

There is a need to monitor your result to get feedback on your performance. Tools like Google Analytics will allow you to keep an eye on your traffic levels, so if you see a drop, you can look into it right away. Google Search Console, however, will help you find out if your website has any performance issues or other errors that could be causing your visitors problems.

In conclusion, Adsense is a great way to make money online. It’s easy to use, it’s reliable and it works better than any other platform. Using the tips we’ve listed in this post, you can easily increase your website traffic and skyrocket your revenue through AdSense.

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