GIFs are one of the most fun aspects of using the internet. If you’ve been on social media anytime in the last few years, then you must have seen GIFs: short video clips that run on repeat, often with a funny or snarky message. GIFs are increasingly popular, turning up in emails and on websites.

It’s easy to create your own GIFs with free online tools. No matter your reason, making a GIF is easier than it looks. Here is how you can turn a few seconds from a YouTube video into a high-quality GIF file. But first, you need to know what we are talking about before you can grab the idea of how to create it.

What is a GIF?

GIF which means Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the online services provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on 15 June 1987. They are a series of images or soundless videos that will loop continuously and don’t require anyone to press play. This repetition makes GIFs feel immediately familiar, like the beat of a song.

GIFs are an integral part of communicating on social media. Twitter and Reddit users have been using them effectively for years. Even Facebook made them an official part of the platform. Use GIFs for just about anything.

It’s now incredibly easy to make gifs from Youtube videos. It happens that you would like to capture some moments while watching video online. This is where the “youtube to gif” tool can help you. Animated GIF is the best way to save time frames from the video and share it online. Because it’s really easy, takes seconds and gives a lot of fun.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to make GIF files from a video, but before we start, we want to underscore that you need a great video to make a great GIF. At Biteable, we have thousands of pieces of animated and live-action content for you to choose from.

How to Make a GIF from YouTube Video

While there are a lot of ready-made GIFs available on platforms like Giphy, making your own is pretty painless. Let’s take a look at some different options, each with different levels of sophistication. You can use a Mac, PC, or mobile device to use a GIF creator.

Using Giphy to Create your GIF

Giphy is a super quick and easy to use gif maker. While it’s not particularly sophisticated, it took us less than 3 minutes to create this GIF, including sourcing the YouTube clip. Select “Create” in the top right-hand corner. You can make a GIF using the video URL from a video hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo, or by uploading your own video file. Make your GIF by entering the start time for your GIF and choose the duration. You can also add tags and captions. When you’re ready, scroll to the bottom and select “Create GIF.” Share your GIF

Using to Create your GIF

  • Find the YouTube video that you want to turn into a GIF (perhaps a NASA archive?) and copy its URL.
  • Navigate to Paste your chosen YouTube URL into the white box on the left side of the page (double-check that you copied the whole link so this will work). It should automatically detect it. You can also upload your own videos to the site by clicking the Drag & Drop or Select File button.
  • If your image features an ad in the lower-left corner, be sure to click the X to make it disappear (otherwise it will appear in your GIF). Then, click the timeline below the image and select the start and end times for your animated GIF. A blue bar indicates the period that will be used.
  • You can make it as long or as short as you like, but remember the longer the animation, the bigger the file size. Some places where you want to share the GIF might put a limit on the size. Twitter, for example, has a GIF limit of 5MB on mobile devices, and 15MB on desktop — although 15MB is considered very, very large for a GIF.
  • Next, add some effects, a caption, or a sticker if you want. You can also crop the image, as well as add other effects like blurring, padding, and other effects that may fit your new meme or just make the image easier to watch. When you’re satisfied, click Create Gif in the top right-hand corner. It may take some time to create the image, especially if you’re creating a long GIF, so be patient.
  • The next page asks that you confirm the GIF’s title, as well as select any tags you want it to have. Click Next when you’re done setting your preferences.
  • The final page will give you options for downloading, embedding, or sharing your newly created GIF. You’re also given a preview to see what it looks like. If you would like to remove the watermark in the corner you can, but it will mean signing up to the premium service, which starts from $2 a month, and it’s not something you need to do for casual GIF creation. To download your GIFs, hit the Download button.

Using GIF Run To Create Your GIF

GIF Run lets you search for YouTube videos directly from the site. You can also paste URL of a video to create a GIF.

  • Once you’ve selected the video, select the starting point, duration, and hit Create GIF.
  • The site also shows you a preview of the GIF on the side, and a button to download it.

At this point, you can share the GIF directly with your friends or share on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Here’s what my GIF looks like after conversion. It’s perfect for reactions in Facebook Groups or on Twitter.

Remember that GIFs are not supported on Instagram! If you’re trying to share a GIF on Instagram, download it as a MP4 file instead.

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