Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing channel but how you optimize it will determine if it is really effective for your business. On the other hand, video is also one of the best catchy and easily captivating content. As the growth of video channels, tools and app has increase speedily.

Videos can be a great way of boosting the results of your email marketing campaigns. They are engaging, attractive, and can be prompting. Not only do they play a crucial role in improving the dwell time of your emails, but they can also increase your click-through rates (CTR). The combination of these two is the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels.

Wondering just how to use video in email marketing? Don’t worry, boosting your sends with video is easier than you might think. Here are a few stips on how to use video in your email marketing campaign

How to use video in your email marketing campaign

Choose the right Email marketing software.

Most Email marketing software supports allows you to add video into your email campaign unlike most Email provides like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail who has lay down rules, one of which is that you are not allowed to embed videos into Email directly. However, software like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber has features to support this feature. On MailChimp there is a Video merge tag that helps in creating video screenshots in your campaign. The screenshot is linked to the original video on YouTube, Vimeo, or other such social sites.

Choose the right type of Video

You need to make sure your video matches your intent. If you want to promote your product then use product video, if its customers trust u want to promote use customers testimonies and more. Likewise make sure you use good video recording equipment  for good image quality, speed, quality optics and manual controls to get excellent results.

Keep your video short

It is important to keep the videos you send in emails very short. Large videos do not intrigue an audience. Short videos give you more freedom to produce hard-hitting, relatable videos that get to the point, without the overhead of creating more in-depth content. Just because the start of your marketing video manages to get someone’s attention, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to hold on to it for 10, 5, or even one whole minutes. Therefore, if you can capture their attention during that short time, you’ll have (at most) a couple of minutes of their busy schedule to explain what it is you want to talk about with a clear call to action (CTA), which signals your audience on where to go next.

Test Before Sending

Testing an email will give you an additional opportunity to catch any errors. There are more technical issues that can pop up. You might have a broken link, incorrect link, a typo error, or grammar error.

Benefits of Video Email Marketing

 Increase Conversion and Click-Through Rates

Emails with videos offer creative solutions for acquiring new customers through the Internet. Videos speak a thousand words and add value, hence, it offers an impressive click-through rate and reduces the unsubscribe rate in your emails. Research proved that Video Email marketing can improve your open rate by 6% and click-through rate by 65%.

Increased Time On Email

Video Email marketing is engaging, hence, they tend to keep viewers right where you want them. The sticking power of video is great and advisable since people take lesser time to read and consume email marketing content. In addition, When you’ve embedded a video from YouTube, it does mean that that video counts increase which can help your video rank better for related keywords on that platform.

Trust Building

Video can also help you form a relationship with your subscribers while building their trust. Using videos is a great way to build trust and to establish a connection with your audience. For most businesses, video marketing produces a good ROI. Videos work because almost all consumers watch them and there is a saying that what you see is what you get. So customers believe they are in the know of the happenings in the company. They can put a face and a personality to your brand, allowing them to get a feel for the person or team it is dealing with. 

More Social Sharing

One of the benefits of video email marketing is the increase in numbers of shares on social media which is quite effective on your search engine rankings. Therefore, the more the number of people on your list, the greater reach, boost on Search engines, brand awareness, and revenues in the long term.

Above all, Video email marketing offers many other benefits, it can also help introduce subscribers to your team values and brand, can tease new products or locations, and can also help subscribers experience your business. Including videos in your email marketing is an excellent way to connect with leads and customers.

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