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Do you know you don’t need a master’s or Bachelor’s degree in marketing to start your career as a digital marketer?

With the digital world growing stronger, digital marketers are more important than ever. Globally, Digital marketing is a big influence on business and organizations. Some countries digital marketing business is already very strong, however, there are countries like Nigeria where digital marketing is still on the run to find a niche for itself. Although, Nigeria is ranked the 8th internet using country in the world, however, the question I keep asking myself is how effective is our internet usage.

For one, digital marketing is relatively a new industry that’s constantly growing and evolving. Digital marketing is one of the most exciting, challenging and fast-paced industries you can work in and never boring because you are always out their in the air.

One of the best thing about Digital Marketing as a career is that there’s no limitation to start, you don’t need a degree in marketing to get a job in this industry. Though, as the industry is growing, more people are getting involved, but there are always steps to take to push you ahead of your team.

A Digital Marketer needs to carry out a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis including, but not limited to: search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and content marketing, as well as strategizing, analyzing and reporting.

All of these tasks require a completely different set of skills and disciplines and although a good marketer should be able to competently do everything, however, the best Digital Marketer usually specializes in one area.

Component of Digital Marketing

There are many tactics, assets, and practices that come under the term “Digital Marketing”. However, there are some Basic components you need to know as a Digital Marketer.

SEO: This means a  Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very important component of digital marketing, for some people SEO means getting more traffic to your website but this is not all, SEO also helps in building, developing and sustaining an online business content. It helps your website to be visible on all search engine which helps create awareness.

Content Marketing: Content is king, and will always be for every SEO and every other component. Creation of content (like blog posts, videos, photos, social media posts, etc) and sharing it on different online platforms for brand awareness, lead generation, growths of traffic, gaining more customers or building reputations; is mainly called as content marketing. Content marketing is a way of catching your customer’s attention with the right world usage.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing of contents on social media networks in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. Social media marketing includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, advertising of your products and other content that drives audience engagement.

Using social media for your business will provide significant results in the long term, but first you need to determine the best social platforms that will be right for your business, as there is no “One Size Fits All” with Social Media.

Email Marketing: Email is a great and most effective way to keep in touch with your customers and talk about your services/products. Through emails, you can showcase your services, Talk about new offers or resolve customers’ issues. In short, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your customers and influence them to do word-of-mouth marketing to new audiences about your business.

Data Analytics: This is needed to keep track of online marketing. it is needed to help you analyze your performance and efficiency. There are many analytics tools that would help you analyze and measure your marketing campaigns through website, blog, social media channels and paid advertising. The analytics data is crucial for increasing your performance and also for generating more leads.

There is the setup process, setting goals, segmenting your audience and creating custom reports to show you the exact data you need to make accurate decisions with your business.

Paid Ads: This is one of the most reliable marketing tools since it is a paid service and it can provide results very quickly as you are targeting those people searching for specific keywords, it can also be a waste of money if handled incorrectly. Investing in paid ads is a great way to put your digital marketing strategy in the right direction and reach your goals in a faster pace.

We are are the peak of Digital marketing, and this career choice is an opportunity given to all hardworking youth to equip themselves with the right instrument to rise, follow and stand tall to take up every change in the business world.


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