With over 800 million active users, approximately 500 million of whom use the platform daily, it’s little wonder that so many businesses want to be active on Instagram. With the platform’s recent introduction of a new native payments feature, it’s clear that there is greater potential for monetizing Instagram than ever before.

Of course, whether you’re the social media manager for a small startup or you oversee several accounts at a larger agency, you know that growing an Instagram audience isn’t always easy. After all, effective Instagram marketing requires much more than posting a new photo every few days.

With such a large audience, and some incredibly business-friendly updates such as Instagram Ads, Stories, and Business Tools, Instagram is becoming a must-have channel in many social media marketing strategies.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and grow your Instagram following?

Thankfully, there are several tools now on the market that are making it easier than ever to help your clients grow their Instagram audience. Going beyond the usual photo editing tools, we’ll also be sharing tools for finding the best hashtags to use, running Instagram contests, displaying your Instagram posts on your website, and more.

Best Instagram Tools to Help Grow Your Followers

 Follow Adder

Instagram automation is what Follow Adder brings to your Instagram account. This is a tool that performs time-consuming activities according to your directions. It is an app that is specially programmed botting technology that you can easily install, setup, and customize to your specifications.

If you do not want to download an app on your computer to use this technology, you will want to opt for one of the other alternatives to ViralUpgrade in this review. However, if downloading an app is something you like, you should know you have control over your settings. It is important to follow their recommendations for best results.

This service allows you to expand your target reach, engage with relevant Instagrammers, attract a loyal following, enhance your niche, run contests, build brand awareness, and improve your exposure on Instagram.

You get to choose from five packages that range from managing from one to 25 profiles. You get free support and software updates with these affordable packages.


Crowdfire is a social media management tool that lets users control several profiles from one platform. This includes offering a free solution to help you gain Instagram followers. The free account only lets you manage one account, but the premium services can handle up to 50 spannings across several social media sites.

It comes with a Chrome browser extension to help you quickly share articles, and the system aids in content curation. You also have access to hashtag recommendations, social analytic data, and auto-tailoring posts to fit perfectly on each social platform.

With the tailored posts, Crowdfire will show a preview of what the content will look like on Instagram as well as other social sites. This gives you a chance to make sure everything fits before sending the post out to the Internet. One of the highlights of this tool is the image curation feature. It will provide recommendations of images to share on Instagram. These images are already approved by creators so you won’t have to worry about using copyright materials.

Crowdfire comes with engagement metrics to show you just how well each post performs regarding each of your social media accounts. The data can help you develop strategies concerning what methods work best with Instagram for your audience


Scheduling your Instagram content is easy with Hootsuite. Write captions for your posts, attach the media you wish to include, and then pick dates for them to be published. It will post directly to your Instagram feed at the scheduled time, now that Instagram allows post-management via third-party tools — something their terms of service didn’t allow in the past.

Additionally, Hootsuite offers tools to monitor activity, track users, and measure performance through analytics. It also allows Instagram accounts to be managed by multiple people at once, with the ability to collaborate and assign responsibilities to certain team members.


Consumers often post pictures on Instagram of products they have purchased or used, which can be marketing gold. Nothing is more authentic.

Yotpo is a tool that gives brands access to these images by gathering relevant posts, as well as provides a ‘Shop Now’ feature on Instagram, allowing users to easily access products they see in their feed. With Yotpo, businesses can make their Instagram accounts more marketable, which has always been a problem for many.

Their enterprise technology and integrated solution enable marketers to gather, curate, manage and respond to all kind of user content from just a single platform

Sprout Social

Businesses on Instagram often gauge their success on the platform based on their likes, comments, and followers. Sprout Social allows a business to dive into more useful data. The app allows brands to view performance data within specific periods and between individual posts. Also, it allows the pre-scheduling of posts, making the process of publishing consistent Instagram content much easier.


As powerful as Instagram is in terms of reach potential, extracting information that is useful for analyzing marketing efforts can prove challenging. Comments and likes are quantified, but going through hundreds or thousands of individual posts to find them can be time-consuming.

Iconosquare provides an easy solution by allowing users to view detailed Instagram analytics, track all comments across multiple accounts, organize a library of content, and schedule posts. The app also features an Instagram search engine, allowing businesses to reach out to targeted influencers on the platform.


Want to share an image of your product, but you don’t own the legal rights to those images? Repost solves this problem by allowing users to repost content while giving credit to the original poster. Businesses can now maximize brand awareness by re-publishing content from multiple sources.

Social Insight

Interacting with followers on Instagram can become difficult as brands become more popular. Social Insight lets businesses schedule posts at specific times, organize and manage followers — and most importantly, monitor follower interactions. The tool also offers users access to in-depth data analytics that can be used to analyze and adjust marketing strategies.

It lets you organize your posts and set scheduled releases promptly. You can post according to prime times of the day and easily move content around according to your strategy.

Through its algorithms, you can identify influencers and find partnerships to increase your brand’s awareness and drive interest. Instead of manually sifting through Instagram, Social Insight will find those who already know and love your brand.

Another point of interest for Social Insight is team collaboration. This lets you add several people to the platform without handing out your Instagram credentials. You’ll still have absolute control over the account without fear.

Although Social Insight doesn’t have a free version available, it does come with a 14-day free trial. It might be worth considering if it helps improve engagement depending on your needs.

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